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a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload

a photograph from which the background has been cut away

a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out

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* cross sectional width dimension of the Mylar cutout;
Two voids help achieve this; a central double-height atrium that serves as the focus of the house connecting living spaces with a mezzanine work study, and more curiously a horizontal void, 770mm high, that articulates the structural division between concrete basement and timber frame; a continuously expressed interstitial datum that lies coincident with the re-entrant cutout. Light fills the spaces, and set against the cool interiors that are dominated by white walls, timber soffits and concrete structure, Aoki's interest in decorative ornamentation (most overtly expressed in his work for Louis Vuitton, AR November 2004) is also evident, demonstrating some of his more quirky influences.
Seeger uses cutouts and a repeated refrain, modeled after the title, to show a handful of colors.
Thomas Boyd / The Register-Guard A cardboard cutout of actress Angelina Jolie in her `Tomb Raider' costume appears to stand guard over the quiet town of Drain on Monday afternoon from the window of Betty's Tourist Trap store on First Street.
The cutout interprets the symbolic journey of Daedalus' son (5) and depicts the fall of the mythologic adventurer from the azurean skies amidst "either stars or bursts of artillery fire" (perhaps reflecting the artist's consternation in the aftermath of World War II).
He cites examples like a burial vault with multi-radii surfaces, the skin of a fire truck comprising more than a dozen parts, and a recreational boat deck that incorporates intricate mounts and cutouts.
Give each group a brown lunch bag -- representing a grocery bag -- containing a variety of laminated fruit and vegetable cutouts. Each bag contains five fruit cutouts and five vegetable cutouts.
I felt as if I were wandering through Goldman's epistemological farmland on the fourth floor of the Whitney Museum, much of which is occupied (until June 15) by Alex Katz's cutouts: free-standing flat effigies of members of Katz's family and various friends from the art world: Sanford Schwartz, Rudy Burckhardt, Frank O'Hara.
There are so many interesting people out there who don't already have way too much time on tv, why her (or any other cardboard cutout tv like seacrest etc.) Even you can't transcend the boringness of that kind of guest," one user wrote in the comments section.
As such, some believe that the smaller cutout may be intended for something else.
Posting a photo, poster or cutout of one's celebrity crush on one's bedroom wall certainly completes the 'teenage experience' for some people.
A cardboard cutout of comedian Billy Connolly turned up and our staff were quick to have their photographs taken with the legend.
This paper presents experimental and finite element analysis (FEA) of FML plates with cutouts. Circular and elliptical cutouts were considered and the effect of cutout's types on stress concentration and stress field were investigated.