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handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)

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For this project, you'll need to rent or borrow a gas-powered masonry cutoff saw spinning a 14-inch-diameter diamond wheel to make the door opening in the concrete, and an electric rotary hammer with a 4-inch carbide coring bit to bore vent and drain holes.
Products include: optimizing gang rip saws & systems; S4S & S2S sidematching and planing centers; end matchers for solid & laminated material; lineal feed tables; sorting, grading & nesting systems; crayon-mark & optimizing cutoff saws and custom machine design.
A cutoff saw is a handheld cutting tool powered with a gas motor and a circular diamond or carborundum blade for cutting.
Arrow cutoff saw: You'll need an arrow cutoff saw to trim your shafts down to size to match your draw length.
To do a first-rate job, you'll need several special tools--a plate compactor (Photo 10; $60 per day to rent), a cutoff saw with a diamond blade (photo, p.
The decision was then made to in stall a robot that has a six-axis manipulator and is equipped with a cutoff saw, compliant cup grinder and hydraulic trim press.
spray cooling tank and in-line cutoff saw for flexible or semi-rigid products.
Brands include the Formaster tube-end-forming machine, Databend CNC, and a new elbow-bending machine whose cutoff saw can be repositioned to vary the cut angle of each bent component.
It offers custom systems, material handling, vision scanning, controls, the Ripmaster optimizing fenceless ripsaw feeder, the Talon optimizing cutoff saw, blower fans, hydraulic power units plus an extensive inventory of components.
Cut-off station offers automatic flying cutoff saw with limit switch, digital encoder wheel, or dead-stop provisions.
The cutoff saw is a luxury, not a necessity, but the others on the list are definitely "must-have" items.
SOLUTION--In conjunction with PBR's technology arm, Pacifica Group Technologies, CMH Manufacturing of Lubbock, Texas designed and built this total workcell consisting of three major CMH components: an eight-station rotary permanent mold casting system capable of 400 castings/hr., a casting cooling system, and a riser cutoff saw capable of automatic quality inspection, riser removal and sorting.
Rent a gas cutoff saw with an asphalt-cutting blade ($60 per day) and cut through the asphalt (it's usually 2 to 3 in.