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thin slice of meat (especially veal) usually fried or broiled

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And here's the cutlet! If it isn't very brown, ma, I can't eat it, and must have a bit put back to be done expressly.'
It tasted something as I should conceive a royal cutlet from the thigh of Louis le Gros might have tasted, supposing him to have been killed the first day after the venison season, and that particular venison season contemporary with an unusually fine vintage of the vineyards of Champagne.
Taste this cutlet, my dear D'Artagnan; 'tis off one of my sheep."
After eating a cutlet with beans and talking to the waiters of their former masters, Levin, not wishing to go back to the hall, where it was all so distasteful to him, proceeded to walk through the galleries.
I thought you liked boiled chicken better than cutlet, Mrs.
Everybody had his glass of beer before him, or his cup of coffee, or his bottle of wine, or his hot cutlet and potatoes; young ladies chatted, or fanned themselves, or wrought at their crocheting or embroidering; the students fed sugar to their dogs, or discussed duels, or illustrated new fencing tricks with their little canes; and everywhere was comfort and enjoyment, and everywhere peace and good-will to men.
I have one cutlet for dinner, and I am sure it will be spoilt.
Wery good little dinner, sir, they can get ready in half an hour--pair of fowls, sir, and a weal cutlet; French beans, 'taturs, tart, and tidiness.
'Young gentlemen is generally tired of beef and mutton: have a weal cutlet!'
I commanded him, in my deepest voice, to order a veal cutlet and potatoes, and all things fitting; and to inquire at the bar if there were any letters for Trotwood Copperfield, Esquire - which I knew there were not, and couldn't be, but thought it manly to appear to expect.
I felt I wanted whitebait and a cutlet; Harris babbled of soles and white-sauce, and passed the remains of his pie to Montmorency, who declined it, and, apparently insulted by the offer, went and sat over at the other end of the boat by himself.
Abdulla echoes his wife's views, 'Kanji is a very popular dish in Sri Lanka and every mosque distributes it among the public irrespective of the community you belong to.' Some of the starters that adorn the iftar menu are beef patties, samosas and chicken or fish cutlets. 'We also start our iftar with boiled eggs which is considered a very lucky omen in South Sri Lanka from where we hail and it is a 100 year old tradition,' Samsul said.
Cutlets Cutlets are everyone's go to snack for Iftar - from five-star hotels to your kitchen, cutlets are the one dish that will be prepared at least 4-5 times throughout the entire holy month.
Taiwanese fast food chain Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken, which boasts chicken cutlets that are "bigger than your face," opened a branch in Montreal, Canada late last year and is coming to Vancouver soon.
Meanwhile, season the lamb cutlets with salt and pepper and place them in a bowl.