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Synonyms for cutlet

thin slice of meat (especially veal) usually fried or broiled

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There is an island; on that island there are trees; under those trees, terrestrial animals, bearers of cutlets and roast beef, to which I would willingly give a trial.
We had cutlets, and I noticed that he ate his in a somewhat finicking manner; yet having left the table for a moment to consult the sweets-card, I saw, when I returned, that there was now no bone on his plate.
On another occasion he came almost completely to grief by flinging a whole dish of cutlets at an officer who was acting as steward, attacking him and, it was said, striking him for having broken his word and told a barefaced lie.
An excellent omelette, and cutlets cooked to perfection, he sent away untasted--he, whose appetite never failed him, whose digestion was still equal to any demands on it!
Cook, give me cutlets for supper to-morrow night in the mid-watch.
Philip had sent in a small pot of caviare, which he knew she was very fond of, and the landlady brought them up some cutlets with vegetables and a sweet.
The students have alleged that they started feeling uneasy after eating the cutlet.
Coat each cutlet with a teaspoon of the curry paste.
Cutlet Maker software, which serves as the main module responsible for communicating with the ATM's dispenser.
Place a generous quantity of the spiced mince in the well and close the patty to make a round cutlet.
For each cutlet, dredge first in flour, then dip into egg, letting excess drip off.
Place the flour in a bowl, then dredge each cutlet through to lightly coat.
Starting with the short end, tightly roll each cutlet into a roulade.
Another top greyhound which won the Welsh Greyhound Derby was Beef Cutlet, who won the 1933 renewal in 29.