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4-6) Table 2: Cases with pachydermoperiostosis and Crohn's disease Author (year) Sex (age Family history in years) Shim (3) (1997) Male (42) Positive for clubbing Ohata (4) (2009) Male (57) No family history of pachydermoperiostosis Rhee (5) (2014) Male (27) No family history of pachydermoperiostosis Present case Male (26) No family history of pachydermoperiostosis Author (year) Priority of Treatment for HOA disorder Shim (3) (1997) Clubbing - Ohata (4) (2009) Cutis verticis gyrata - and clubbing Rhee (5) (2014) Crohn's disease Celecoxib Present case Clubbing and Celecoxib, low-dose diffuse limbs edema prednisolone, pamidronate Author (year) Treatment consequences Shim (3) (1997) - Ohata (4) (2009) - Rhee (5) (2014) Significant improvement Present case Significant improvement
Based on these clinical findings a diagnosis of cutis verticis gyrata associated with epilepsy was entertained.
Cutis verticis gyrata is a descriptive term for a condition of the scalp in which deep furrows and convolutions are seen that resembles the outer surface of the cerebrum.
Unna introduced the term cutis verticis gyrata in 1907(
DISCUSSION: Polan and Butterworth (2) established the classification of cutis verticis gyrata in 1953, dividing cutis verticis gyrata into primary and secondary forms.
14 More recently, cutis verticis gyrata has been described in association with AA.