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(biochemistry) a waxy transparent material that occurs in the cuticle of plants and consists of highly polymerized esters of fatty acids

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PG enzymes loosen the structure of mixed cutin with polysaccharides and stimulates fruit drop by hydrolysis the glycosidic bonds and the major components of pectin of abscission zone.
Only Saudi Arabia, with its low production costs and high production capacity, can enforce a production cutin OPEC.
Lignin and cutin are indigestible and cellulose is resistant to digestion in the rumen-reticulum (Van Soest, 1994).
In the studied Orchidaceae, the cutin deposition forms suprastomatic chambers, which probably maintain a small compartment of humidity above stomata ostiole, reducing the transpiration.
Cutin and suberin are composed of two families (a [C.
Cuticle composed of cutin, waxes, and possibly polysaccharides accumulation.
Table 1: Types of Fiber Polysaccharides/Oligosaccharides Carbohydrate Fibers Lignans (non-starch) Cellulose Indigestible Waxes dextrins Hemicellulose Resistant Phytate maltodextrins Arabinoxylans Resistant potato Cutin dextrins Arabinogalactans Synthesized Saponins carbohydrates Polyfructoses Polydextrose Suberin Inulin Methyl cellulose Tannins Oligofructans Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose Galacto-oligosaccharides Resistant starches Gums Mucilages Pectins Adapted from Lattimer and Haub 2010
Phase transitions in the biopolyester cutin isolated from tomato fruit cuticles.
Determination of the diffusion coefficient of tissue, cuticle, cutin and wax of apple.
It was found that this mutation causes an abnormal increase in water loss because of a disruption in the production of the plant's cutin that is secreted from the epidermal cells and is a component in the plant's cuticle that reduces water loss and prevents the plant's dehydration.
Diet quality encompasses energy value, protein, water, mineral and vitamin contents as well as anti-nutritional factors such as lignin, cutin, suberin, silica and secondary metabolites (Robbins 1983).
Dario Cutin, a spokesman for AT&T, and Enrique Flores, Alfa's chief of investor relations, declined to comment on the value of the stake.
The accumulation of phenolic compounds such a melanin, suberin, lignin and cutin around the wood plants excised surface changes the cultivation medium, which makes the metabolite intake (COSTA et al.