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(biochemistry) a waxy transparent material that occurs in the cuticle of plants and consists of highly polymerized esters of fatty acids

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Scale up the formulation of the lacquer processed using the extracted cutin and environmental friendly solvents;
It was found that this mutation causes an abnormal increase in water loss because of a disruption in the production of the plant's cutin that is secreted from the epidermal cells and is a component in the plant's cuticle that reduces water loss and prevents the plant's dehydration.
Dario Cutin, a spokesman for AT&T, and Enrique Flores, Alfa's chief of investor relations, declined to comment on the value of the stake.
The 3% cutin consolidated net revenue is attributed to the partial divesture of less thanprofitable assets.
Yahoo Jamie plugged on after moving off at the bend, but cutin at halfway and was then baulked rounding the bottom bends.
Most of them have constructed a thick skin (a cutin layer) to protect water loss.
Some studies have shown that the unavailable portion for fermentation is determined by the extent of lignifications of the cell wall polymers and the cutin content that is associated with the cellulose and hemicellulose [20].
KuwaiteIUs 68% budget increase factors in an exceptional transfer to social security, rising fuel costs for power generation and other current expenditureseI[logical not] though capital spending is cutIn its latest economic brief on public finance, National Bank of Kuwait reports that following its approval by the National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance has recently released the budget for fiscal year 2008/09 (FY08/09) which started last April.
Alkyl carbon is likely to have been derived from the cutin and suberin associated with plant litter and roots, as well as from structures synthesised by microorganisms living in the peat.
He was then dragged into his garage where his throat was cutIn cross examination by Mr Peter Wright QC, prosecuting said: 'You and your brother-in-law Christopher Pye simply succumbed to the temptation of what you thought was easy cash'.