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of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula

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For instance, Ag-NPs coating in cuticular wax enhances the lipophilicity and heavy metal transfer in cuticle [26].
In R adenotrichos, the GT heads appeared as secreting organs which exported the sticky fluid possibly through cuticular pores (Wagner et al., 2004; Sousa, 2016).
De acuerdo con lo anterior, el objetivo del presente trabajo es describir las caracteristicas de la microestructura cuticular y medular de las especies de los ordenes Didelphimorphia y Rodentia que habitan en la region Arequipa, de modo que, este estudio podria ser una base para avanzar en las actividades de investigacion pertinentes en esta area.
Keywords: Drosophila subobscura, cuticular hydrocarbons, sexual dimorphism.
Cuticular hydrocarbon analysis showed almost identical chromatograms for field-collected specimens and the laboratory colony of B.
Tegument covered with abundant translucent setae and granules similar to those on carapace; granules become larger and more conspicuous distally; depressions and cuticular pits absent.
Smart, "Increased accumulation of cuticular wax and expression of lipid transfer protein in response to periodic drying events in leaves of tree tobacco," Plant Physiology, vol.
Our examination of the distribution of GLUT isoforms using specific antibodies identified the expression of glucose transporters on the cuticular plate, in accordance with our live-cell imaging results showing glucose uptake at this location (data not shown).
Os padroes cuticulares foram semelhantes aos de Teerink (1991), que descreve esses murideos com padrao cuticular losangico, exceto para R.
Foliar absorption from liquid solutions may take place via cuticle, cuticular cracks and imperfections, through stomata, trichomes or specialized epidermal cells.
The penultimate third segment is short and carries the so-called attachment disk (AD), which is a flat surface covered with cuticular villi onto which the glands terminate that are used in both temporary adhesion and final cementation.
The oral structure of third stage larvae consisted of a dorsoventrally elongate oral opening with broad, relatively flat pseudolabia emanating from the cuticular lining of the buccal cavity (stoma) (Fig.
These types have identical poroid and cuticular cells and share common histological features such as monomorphism of the nuclei cells, ductal differentiation, and massive necrosis.
However, upon subsequent microscope examination, 1 larva from the muscle and carcass washings of a single mature frog was found to be morphologically consistent with Dracunculus species, including size, distinct cuticular striation, and, most notably, a 3-lobed tail (Figure).