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Synonyms for cutback

Synonyms for cutback

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a reduction in quantity or rate

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While the news on the cutback extension may boost oil prices in the short term, however it is unlikely to go above $55 in the medium term as flexible Shale producers have become the main determinant of the marginal prices of oil.
Lastly in cutback news, earlier this month The Newspaper Guild of New York, Local 31003, CWA, said it had settled grievances of 14 of those laid of from the New York Times last December.
Offshore insulated risers, flow lines, and export lines must now serve wells located at greater depths and, as the piped products get hotter, project specifications in general have tightened and cutback specifications in particular have become increasingly complex.
I don't know yet what the cutbacks will entail and this will be decided at our board meeting on Friday week, but we have already completely stopped racecourse development.
McClenahan says that while it is too early to determine what personnel changes might result from this move, KCAL won't compromise the product despite the personally painful cutbacks of employees who he has worked with for many years.
If there is no cutback threat (C or D Point), the LB becomes a "Mental Check" player.
The organization withheld cutback targets by respective economies, saying these relate to business strategies.
Now, a country that misses its cutback target during the initial phase of the treaty would have its required cutback increased by 0.
the cutback amount determined for regular tax purposes is disregarded in calculating AMTI).
Now in its ninth season, the 1999 festival presents the five companies over two weeks, a slight cutback from its usual seven companies over three weeks.
Mining output declined, as continued weakness in oil and gas well drilling augmented the cutback in coal mining.
Doing this allows us to examine how much of the proposed cutback has already taken place and how much is still to come.
1 achievement," says Hogan, getting real spending cuts in our federal budget, not just a cutback in budget increases.
At Yale, retrenchments have prompted administrators to plan an 11 percent cutback in faculty, a merging of three engineering departments into one, and the elimination of the entire linguistics department.