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a representation (drawing or model) of something in which the outside is omitted to reveal the inner parts

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A folio of color profiles (including a section of color photos taken from an on-the-spot movie filmed during Midway), along with various tables and a cutaway drawing, round out the presentation.
The prospectors have a treasure map, a copy of a three-millennia-old cutaway drawing of mine tunnels used during the 1350 BC-1205 BC reign of King Seti I.
As a child I admired a cutaway drawing of this telescope in a book.
While most would assume the "silos" to be the storehouses of wheat that feeds the world, the book's front cover, with its imposing cutaway drawing of an underground Titan missile complex, immediately declares otherwise (that Titans were never deployed in the northern Great Plains warrants but passing mention).
Meanwhile, the quality of its colour printing and features such as its cutaway drawings of aircraft, ships and locomotives put more humble comics to shame.
All readers, but especially scale-model enthusiasts, aviation designers, and aviation historians, will appreciate the vast amount of detail on aerodynamics and construction features offered by this indispensable account, augmented by rare photos, cutaway drawings, sketches, and layouts.
The other strips and cutaway drawings of steam turbines and aircraft carriers were fine in their own way.
The finely detailed cutaway drawings are enough to keep any armchair engineer entertained for hours.
This history of motorcycle design is a lavishly produced volume typical of the genre, full of photos, cutaway drawings of engines and tables of specifications.