cutaneous sensation

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Contribution of vision and cutaneous sensation to the control of centre of mass (COM) during gait termination.
The mean time taken for complete loss of cutaneous sensation at T10 for F + B group is 6.75 [+ or -] 0.95 minutes and in F + L group it is 4.68 [+ or -] 0.83 minutes.
Placebo (n-11) and WBV group (n=12), Authors WBV parameters Instruments settings Pollock et al five 1 min bouts, 30 cutaneous sensation: 2011 (13) Hz, 4 and 8 mm peak pressure to peak aesthesiometry Schlee et al.
Pressure changes become difficult to detect due to loss of cutaneous sensation secondary to peripheral neuropathy, leading to altered gait and malformation of the feet.
A loss of cutaneous sensation after selective neck dissection is also related to the sacrifice of the sensory cervical root branches.