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The non significant changes were recorded in Hb, TEC, TLC, PCV and DLC during haematological examinations in all animals suffering with cutaneous papilloma at the scheduled intervals.
Spradbrow, "Bovine cutaneous papillomas associated with bovine papillomavirus type 5," Archives of Virology, vol.
Cutaneous papillomas usually appear as multiple, sessile or pedunculated, circumscribed grey-white to dark brown black outgrowth, which may be smooth surfaced, spherical or horny (Singh et al., 2009).
Although, cutaneous papillomas are usually benign but those of alimentary tract may become malignant.
Cutaneous papillomas may interfere with handling, feeding, breathing and even eyesight of calves depending on the part of the body involved whereas teat papillomatosis pose severe milking problems and make teat skin prone to secondary bacterial invaders resulting in mastitis.