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infestation of the body by the larvae of flies (usually through a wound or other opening) or any disease resulting from such infestation

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From May 2009, surgeons working in the Mthatha Hospital Complex (MHC), Mthatha, Eastern Cape Province, SA, noted several patients presenting with cutaneous myiasis.
The study group constituted patients presenting with cutaneous myiasis and admitted between May 2009 and April 2013 to the MHC, which comprises Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital (NMAH) and Umtata General Hospital (UGH).
According to anatomic site in which disease occur Myiasis can be cutaneous myiasis of internal organs and myiasis of external orifices.
Cutaneous myiasis presenting as chronic furunculosis-case report.
Cutaneous myiasis is usually an uncomplicated and self-limiting disease.
hominis causes cutaneous myiasis in man and particularly infests cattle.
To the Editor: We report a case of cutaneous myiasis caused by Chrysomya bezziana larvae in a 62-year-old woman who had a complex vascular cutaneous anomaly in her lower right extremity for 8 years.
To the Editor: We report 6 cases of cutaneous myiasis in persons with no history of travel to high-risk areas, seen in general family practices in Irene and Eldoraigne, Pretoria, within the first 2 weeks of February 2006.
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