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acute contagious infection caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae

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This toxigenic strain was unrelated to the nontoxigenic strain isolated during this outbreak investigation from the carrier and patients with respiratory and cutaneous diphtheria. The strain was also not related to the historical and non-outbreak-associated isolates from South Africa or to any other documented C.
Upper respiratory tract and cutaneous diphtheria. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2005; 57 : 250-2.
In September 2017, a Washington girl aged 12 years was evaluated for possible meningitis (which was unrelated to the cutaneous diphtheria later diagnosed) after travel to the Philippines.
diphtheriae infection to the local health authorities: 1 case in an infant with severe respiratory symptoms who died from multiple organ failure and 13 cutaneous diphtheria cases in patients who survived.
ulcerans mainly had to rely on less reproducible or standardized typing methods which are more dependent on subjective interpretation, e.g., ribotyping (2-4,6) or pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (5), or on the epidemiologic circumstances in the case of deep cutaneous diphtheria manifestation caused by toxigenic C.
Two cases of cutaneous diphtheria associated with occupational pig contact in Germany.
ulcerans skin infection mimicking cutaneous diphtheria in a 29-year-old man was recently reported (9).
There were no cases in which cutaneous diphtheria was noted before the onset of paralysis.
To the Editor: Corynebacterium diphtheriae is the agent of pharyngeal and cutaneous diphtheria. We did a retrospective analysis of the antimicrobial drug susceptibilities of 46 C.
on the incidence of imported cutaneous diphtheria in the United Kingdom (1) prompted us to describe the situation of cutaneous diphtheria in Germany and to analyze the cases reported to the German Consiliary Laboratory on Diphtheria since its establishment at our institute in 1997.
Cutaneous diphtheria is endemic in tropical countries but unusual in the United Kingdom.
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