cutaneous anthrax

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a form of anthrax infection that begins as papule that becomes a vesicle and breaks with a discharge of toxins

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anthracis have been reported and are clinically similar to cutaneous anthrax (6).
Differential diagnoses for cutaneous anthrax include brown recluse spider bites, ecthyma gangrenosum, tularemia, staph infections, and herpes labialis.
An additional case of cutaneous anthrax was reported in March 2002, in a laboratory worker processing B.
The case fatality ratio for patients with appropriately treated cutaneous anthrax is usually less than 1 percent, but for inhalation or gastrointestinal disease it can exceed 50 percent.
The telltale symptom of cutaneous anthrax is a large sore with a black, scabby center.
Cutaneous anthrax, a skin infection, is the most common and is not life-threatening when treated with antibiotics.
Cutaneous anthrax, which infects through a scratch on the skin, accounts for 95 percent of usual cases.
One example of frightening people unnecessarily was the local postal employee who had something on her skin that had the same symptoms as the form of cutaneous anthrax.
11, NewsRx published a report on a North Dakota case of cutaneous anthrax.
One woman, a worker at a hospital in New York, was critically ill and 'struggling to survive' with inhalation anthrax, the most lethal form of the infection, while another woman, a 51-year-old bookkeeper from New Jersey, is recovering at home after being diagnosed with cutaneous anthrax.
Another, a 51-year-old bookkeeper from New Jersey, is recovering at home after being diagnosed with cutaneous anthrax.
Cutaneous anthrax has a mortality rate of only about 20 percent if not treated and 1 percent if treated.
28 was diagnosed Monday with cutaneous anthrax, the type that is absorbed through cuts or scratches in the skin.
She said: "I went to the internet and looked up cutaneous anthrax.
The woman was said to be doing well after being treated for cutaneous anthrax, contracted through her skin, while part of the NBC building has been shut down and hundreds of workers tested.
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