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a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated

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a route shorter than the usual one

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a device that terminates the flow in a pipe

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But Warwickshire's win lifts them a point above the cut-off level with two matches to go, while Somerset also climbed into the top nine - eight points above 10th-placed Sussex - with a 219-run victory over Glamorgan.
4 percent of their earnings up to a high cut-off level.
The shocking price of houses across the country means huge numbers of people are not reaching the cut-off level for home loans.
The probation officer testified that the sample was tested using a 300 nanogram cut-off level for identifying a positive test result.
Increasing the PSA cut-off level from 3 to 4 ng/ml may save a similar number of biopsies, but will miss more clinically significant cancers.
A cut-off level which represents a level above which errors are unlikely to affect the correct identification of the underlying cause of death, was set by consensus at a score of 12 out of 18 for avoiding major errors, provided that they did not score 0 on any of the 3 questions assessing major errors.
Special recognition awards are also given in all categories for performance above a certain cut-off level.
This year's increase was only marginally below the five per cent cut-off level at which the Government considered imposing council tax capping on high-spending local authorities.
The Avotus Telicost solution empowers enterprises to configure real-time alerts pop-alerts for employees when a pre-determined rate plan limit is approached or exceeded, set a cut-off level to prevent a particular feature--like data, voice or SMS--from working once a predefined threshold is reached, track devices and setup Geo-Fence or virtual perimeter for real-world geographic location tracking, and monitor data, voice, and SMS usage on devices in a quick and easy manner.
5: Alpha Scientific Designs Drugs of Abuse Testing Cut-off Level 135 Table 6.
Each lens was estimated individually and each carries its own tonnage and grade at a cut-off level.
Additionally, BLAST has a minimum cut-off level that can mean no results for peptide, and other fragment, searches.
Mc Guire stated: "The addition of a specific on site test that detects the presence of Ecstasy (MDMA) at the recommended SAMSHA cut-off level (500ng/ml) is a significant achievement for Worldwide Medical.