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The government raised Rs55.13bn from the five-year instruments at a cut-off yield of 13.55pc, Rs25bn from 10-year bonds at a cut-off yield 13.14pc while the bids worth Rs2.7bn for the 20-year instruments were rejected.
The score would be higher than the cut-off of 80, so Sangsan should maintain its status as an autonomous school," the principal said.
Benjamin said the cut-off marks could only be arrived at with the inputs of critical stakeholders in the education sector scheduled for days ahead.
Sources said construction of the bridge assumes significance, as it is the only means to connect 151 villages of eight Panchayats in the cut-off area which is now surrounded by water from three sides.
This amount will be divided by the reinvestment price to decide the number of shares to be received, which price will be the lower of the market value or the net asset value per share on the cut-off date.
It had been claimed that setting the cut-off date on Brexit day in 2019 would open the UK to a flood of EU27 citizens seeking to enter before Britain left the bloc.
None of the three companies exceeded the maximum level of calls cut-off or dropped calls determined by NTRA, which is 2% of the total examined calls.
As per the previous figures,the cut-off for the BA course was set at 72-87 per cent.
Rendu, a mining companies manager, consultant, and educator who specializes in the management, estimation, and public reporting of mineral resources, describes the fundamental principles of cut-off grade estimation and how to determine which cut-off grade should be used to separate material in mines that should be processed from material that should be sent to the waste dump.
Under this auction, the Dutch (hidden call) auction principle will be applied, implying that where bids exceed the cut-off price, the full amount will be settled at the cut-off price.
Objective: To determine the cut-off values of anthropometric indices to indicate insulin resistance and correlation of these indices with insulin resistance in Pakistani adults.
Clearent provides sales agents, financial institutions, and merchants with benefits not available from other providers, such as next day funding with a late cut-off time and unrivaled graphical, web-based reporting, and now processes $5 billion in annual card volume.
Egypt's central bank sold $38.3 million to banks in a foreign exchange auction on Wednesday at a cut-off price of 6.9591 Egyptian pounds to the dollar.
Tatneft cut-off date for 2012 dividends, BoD recommends to pay dividends of 860% of the par value (R8.6 per common and pref, 4% and 8% yield).