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(broadcasting) a local announcement inserted into a network program

(film) a still picture that is introduced and that interrupts the action of a film

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Mack RSA with ACC provides several types of audible alerts, including for decreased following distance and close cut-ins by other vehicles, along with an impact alert.
It was going to be ABC News with our local cut-ins, but I suspect that that will come up again.
Interns at Water Distribution have worked in a crew environment maintaining and upgrading the system, i.e., water main repairs and adjustments; service line renewals, transfers and new installations; valve repairs, replacements and new cut-ins; hydrant repairs, relocations, and new installations.
Direction, especially in the interiors, consists of standard master shots and cut-ins, while outdoors stuff, mostly shot in New Mexico, looks oddly thin and washed-out.
Rich Newberg spent 19 1/2 straight hours covering the DeJac story, from morning live cut-ins at the Erie County Holding Center, to reports for all newscasts throughout the day and night.
To listen effectively, however, you must keep an open-mind, avoid prejudice, separate ideas from factual details, keep the man and the message separately, and avoid speculative cut-ins. When listening to your subordinates, just listen.
The grocer's "shelf" is where new items, out-of-stocks, product rotation, picture-perfect packages, resets, cut-ins, scan-based trading, demand pricing, speed to market and CPG retail coverage come together in a symphony of broken practices.
Bruce Cerveny, senior staff engineer, Anadarko Energy, said, "The main reason I chose to work with an internal, fitting-type system (on this project) is that you can go back to the pipeline and do cut-ins and tie-ins where you need to do them.
When severe weather and tornadoes raked the area March 11, the local stations-Channels 2, 4 and 5-provided frequent cut-ins to keep viewers informed, but Chris Higgins on Channel 2 gave us the most extensive coverage of all.
The Eckerd stores have been getting new planograms since winter and receiving timely new product cut-ins. Circulars for the Brooks and Eckerd stores have been largely identical since January.
* Production can be greatly impacted during cut-ins and could require strategic marshaling, heavy inventory/storage costs or co-packing.
Douglass, who appears on the morning show Tuesdays through Fridays and does weather cut-ins during Saturday's national "Today Show," has also been busy working with counterpart Ron Sherman doing commercials in such regional markets as Atlanta and Dallas.
In European automotive assembly plants, there apparently is a combination of the two: when it comes to painting cut-ins (e.g., inside doors, the decklid, hood), the moving line stops.
"It would not only involve maybe cut-ins but participation of the longer duration, half-hour or hour-long programs--something to distinguish us from what's out there now."