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glass decorated by cutting or grinding facets

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Hold a piece of pressed glass and a cut-glass piece to the light and you can see the difference.
as we are a soft lot and not at all businesslike, I think it would be in the finest traditions of Python irrationality if we gave Mark an extra PS1,000 and a silver tray with some cut-glass sherry glasses and told him to stop writing to us for more money".
Nigel Kennedy @ St David's Hall, Cardiff (May 2) | WE'VE always had a soft spot for Nigel Kennedy - you know, the incredibly successful classical violinist who spent his childhood with a very upper class basin-cut and cut-glass vowels.
"It is a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom" - - Pippa Middleton, sister of the "People think I am a batty old toff, but I have an IQ of 196, got my cut-glass vowels from the nuns at school - and I am only 65" - - TV cook Clarissa Dickson Wright.
But having a cut-glass accent and access to the very best of British education isn't the only passport to people's hearts.
US starlet Selena Gomez, below, has revealed the inspiration for her cut-glass English accent in her latest film Monte Carlo - new mother Victoria Beckham.
* Below, the acid-etched ice plate and left, a cut-glass celery vase, regularly seen on the tables of the wealthy
The new packaging for Herradura Tequila includes all brand expressions with a key design element featuring a new angular, square cut-glass bottle.
Using heritage pieces such as black and white photos in aged gold frames, ornate candle votives and cut-glass vases can bring an authentic old-fashioned feel to your living space.
Steve Davies, regional managing director of Mansell, presented a cut-glass bowl to the winning stable.
John Humphrys poses the questions to the contestants, one of whom will succeed David Clark as champion and receive the cut-glass trophy..
"He also needs a cut-glass, upper-class, posh accent - or at least the ability to produce a very convincing one."
A close second on my list are the cut-glass sounds of actors in ancient British films, like Phyllis Calvert and Celia Johnson
It is accompanied by really pretty cut-glass reusable carafes that are dishwasher safe.
Pam, who works in the fashion department of the society's store in Nuneaton, was named Society Employee of the Year and received a cut-glass trophy and vouchers to the value of pounds 1,000.