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a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat

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The new service will cut time and reduce effort," Said Brig Al Jallaf, adding that Dubai Police are keen to use the latest smart platforms.
COUNCIL HUNDREDS of frontline Birmingham city council staff are being given flu jabs this winter in a bid to cut time off work after a pilot scheme saved the taxpayer PS2.5 million last year.
The Bentley OpenPlant Orthographis Manager Vi8 is aimed at engineers, architects and construction and procurement companies and is intended to cut time spent in making drawings and diagrams as well as eradicating errors and omissions.
The new solution offers major opportunities to cut time, effort and costs.
I'm not looking for players to be heroes and cut time off the return date.
Rao further announced that the strike is not going to relent nor it is going to seize till the time the federal government would announce the formation of Telangana state with clear cut time frame and road map.
EchoSign's solutions cut time and cost for document signing, while allowing costumers to substantially accelerate the sales cycle, Adobe said.
But by last year that had fallen to 160,000 as medical advances cut time spent in hospital.
"The classification is very important because it will largely clarify economic activities, cut time, cost and efforts, and upgrade performance" the minister said.
Of the districts that both increased time for ELA or math and reduced time in other subjects, 72% cut time by at least 75 minutes per week for one or more of the other subjects.
"We will be able to contact and attract new customers throughout the country and cut time and shipping costs to our existing clients."
"We had the immediate return on the investment, which was to cut time and put people in the schools quicker.
Lower ad sales at Time, Sports Illustrated and Fortune cut Time, Inc.
A TIMESAVING scheme developed in Northumberland to cut time spent on paperwork in health and social care has won a national award.
The magazine's production has been helped markedly in the past few years by computerization, which has both cut time and boosted quality, Marshall notes.