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Loyal customer Stanford |Messam and long-serving staff member Candy McLaughlin cut the ribbon at the pharmacy in Stoney Stanton Road
Children from Mount Stuart Primary School will be helping the store manager cut the ribbon and the school will receive PS200 as a thank-you for their help opening the store.
Priyanka Chopra cut the ribbon at the Gitanjali Group's first multi-brand store, which is in Meena Bazaar in Dubai
The New York Yankee star sported a smart black suit with a matching tie, he used a huge pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and officially inaugurate the gym.
Senior Vice President Jeff Weiner, second from right, cut the ribbon during a grand-opening ceremony for Yahoo
Laurentian University cut the ribbon on a new residence building on the Sudbury campus.
The money's out there now, and we typically have a construction timetable of about two years before we cut the ribbon," said Aaron Donovan, director of communications for the HDC.
With New Mexico's lieutenant governor, Diane Denish, by her side, Rush helped cut the ribbon at the October 31 opening of RainbowVision Santa Fe, which bills itself as the first full-service, gay-oriented retirement housing development in the United States.
London, August 07 /PRNewswire/ -- The glamorous star of "Cutting It" will cut the ribbon to open House of Fraser in Birmingham.
In 2000, he celebrated his 102nd birthday in Provo, Utah, where he cut the ribbon dedicating the George E.
Carlos Burgos, 3, (left) and Alexis Cross, 6, with help from Mayor Jim Torrey, cut the ribbon for the official opening of Broadway on Friday evening.
Take a look in our final pages as Lieutenant General Walters cut the ribbon on our new facility, and helped us celebrate twenty-five years of service to the community.
Lucia Managing Director Keith Smith cut the ribbon to open the 15,000-square foot facility.
cut the ribbon last fall opening a new high school on the site -- a symbol of hope for native communities scarred by boarding school experiences.
I am pleased to extend my congratulations to EDO as we cut the ribbon on this new facility," said Congressman Brown.
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