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All things considered, monstrous as it was to be cut short in his inquiries, the old gentleman submitted, pocketed the change, and followed his son into the dining-room.
He commenced a passionate protestation of the truth and fervour of his attachment, which I cut short by another question:-
My thoughts were cut short by the advent of several young females bearing loads of weapons, silks, furs, jewels, cooking utensils, and casks of food and drink, including considerable loot from the air craft.
Newman was very, very far from having the appearance of a gouty subject, and so Kate could not help thinking; but the conference was cut short by Mrs Nickleby's insisting on having the door shut, lest Mr Noggs should take cold, and further persisting in sending the servant girl for a coach, for fear he should bring on another attack of his disorder.
She's too big a gell--gone nine, and tall of her age--to have her hair cut short; an' there's her cousin Lucy's got a row o' curls round her head, an' not a hair out o' place.
The pony appeared to be touched by this appeal to his feelings, for he trotted on directly, though in a sulky manner, and stopped no more until he came to a door whereon was a brass plate with the words 'Witherden--Notary.' Here the old gentleman got out and helped out the old lady, and then took from under the seat a nosegay resembling in shape and dimensions a full-sized warming-pan with the handle cut short off.
The king cut short the conversation by a fresh question.
He was so good and so anxious to learn, and flushed so pink, that his education was cut short, and he was left to his own devices by every one except the Senior Subaltern, who continued to make life a burden to The Worm.
Duterte postpones trip to China's Fujian province !-- -- ( - August 23, 2019 - 12:31pm MANILA, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte will no longer go to Fujian province as his trip to China has been cut short, a Foreign Affairs official confirmed Friday.
COMER GROUP INTERNATIONAL has entered into a three-year deal to provide insurance for all members of the Irish Jockeys Association whose careers have been cut short by injury.
Summary: Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Jun 12 (ANI): Indore Mayor Malini Gaur on Wednesday cut short the playing of the national anthem and asked for Vande Mataram to be sung in its place at a meeting, an action that may stir controversy.
For this one sample week, a total of 307 journeys were cancelled or cut short due to a lack of crew.
"In light of the security events I decided to cut short my visit to the US," Netanyahu said, adding he would meet with President Donald Trump in the coming hours and then fly back immediately, the agency added.
However, celebration over things going their way could be cut short for Will and Sonny as more bad news threatens to dampen their spirits on the Tuesday, March 12 episode of "Days of our Lives."
And he feels Kenedy - whose partner had a baby in the summer, which cut short his pre-season and meant travelling in the early part of his loan - will come good.