cut out

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Synonyms for cut out

form and create by cutting out

cut off and stop


Related Words

strike or cancel by or as if by rubbing or crossing out

cease operating

having been cut out

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PaperBoyo uses a unique style of photography which involves intricate paper cut outs to transform landmarks and locations into other things entirely.
Left, Matisse Cut Outs at the Tate Modern, London, until September 7 Editor: Karen Price Tel: 029 2024 3761 Email: Don't miss our weekly online webcast: The Arts Show at: @karenmediawales
In March last year the Wales rugby supporter made cardboard cut outs of all 90 competing players in the Six Nations in his front garden.
And while this gown looks quite demure from the front, when the actress turned to the side the key hole cut outs exposed her super-toned torso while keeping her saucy bits covered.
This is complimented by the NR5M with KA or KD key cylinder - both use industry standard 20.1mm x 22.5mm hole cut outs.
They are built on a skid and designed to accommodate cut outs for wall penetrations, with or without floor.
The company has developed a special mounting device that clips into the cut outs provided on the base or bottom lid of ail 'ART-CASE' models.
Petr Lederer, who complained to the government after driving his car off the road, said: "The cut outs are distracting.