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In addition, ground beef labels often specify the cut of meat used, such as "ground sirloin" or "ground chuck." Chuck has the highest fat content, followed by round; sirloin has the least.
"I think TV chefs have done a wonderful job for the meat industry, but I would love to throw down the gauntlet to someone like Gary Rhodes and ask him to come to our stall and cut up a body of beef for customers to show them where each cut of meat comes from."
Most encouragingly, its rebirth has proved that the notion of a food market, which thrives on the slow, patient dynamic of personal contact and service (this cut of meat, that crab, those aubergines) can be successfully reinvented for the hyperdriven, modern world.
This DNA-based identification system can trace a carcass or cut of meat back to the source animal.
Just as the cut of meat is important to barbecue, so are the many types of barbecue sauces available to enhance the meat's flavor (not to mention the many types of fuels and cooking times involved in the process).
``Every cut of meat is ideal for its own special recipe and cooked correctly there's nothing to beat the taste.
"By using computerized bar code technology, we have perfected our system to the point where a specific cut of meat can be traced from the store or restaurant to its source within hours."
But no one really knows if a cut of meat is going to be tender until they take that first bite.
By trimming off as much fat as possible, cooking on a rack, or barbecuing on a grill to allow fat to drip out of the meat (and removing seawm fat while eating), any cut of meat can be made leaner.
At the outlet's meat station, diners can choose the country of origin, preferred cut of meat, as well as rubs and sauces, and how the meat is to be cooked.
Retail prices vary depending on the cut of meat, but are comparable per pound to similar cuts of top-grade beef, according to the NABC.
People who have eaten pork trotters or any other collagen-rich cut of meat may have noticed an enhanced shininess to their hair, stronger nails, or less achy joints.
He said, "I discovered the main dish in Aberystwyth and when I saw it I thought, 'What a nice cut of meat.' But we changed it to my own recipe and we sold 40 meals in the first week.