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Lamb prices varied throughout the area, but local retailers such as the butchers and the farmers market provided a much cheaper and better quality cut of lamb.
The sizzling showdown features local chefs preparing a cut of lamb, while wineries pour their finest match to the dishes.
Byline: Coventry's JAMIE WILLIAMS - now a top chef in London's Notting Hill - takes a look at an popular cut of lamb
Is there a particular cut of lamb that is less fatty than the rest, or is there a particular way of cooking lamb that doesn't accentuate the fattiness of the meat?
Any cut of lamb became the taste of paradise and so quixotic was this minty brew that many a child, myself included, drank the remainder white-lipped and green-toothed before washing up.
What you end up with is a boiled, flattened cut of lamb that is effortless to carve and takes very little time to cook.
Ask almost any chef to name his favorite meat, and some cut of lamb will most likely be the answer.
To serve, spoon the potato, fruit and leaves mix on to warm serving plates, placing the lamb on top - sliced if the cut of lamb is appropriate.
IT is no coincidence this cut of lamb is named the `best end'.
I felt full as soon as mine arrived - a large succulent cut of lamb atop a bed of mash on a sea of butter beans, onion and cherry tomatoes in a thick sauce.
UNCERTAIN: What price a cut of lamb, just as the export trade was starting to recover after the foot-and-mouth outbreak last year Picture: NICK TREHARNE
For today's recipe I've opted to use some pork belly rather than a normal cut of lamb or beef that's been prepared by the butcher or the supermarket.