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Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (FAPC) and agricultural consultant Antonio Mata of Mata & Associates have teamed to discover a new cut of beef and are seeking to patent their find.
With our deal, they can have a prime cut of beef and spend the rest of the day watching the 2012 U.S.
Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (FAPC), agricultural consultant and "meat geek" Antonio Mata of North Richland, Texas-based Mata & Associates, and Richard Gresh, executive chef at Chicago's David Burke's Primehouse have teamed to discover a new cut of beef and are seeking to patent the product.
The Brisket Book: A Love Story with Recipes is the only cookbook entirely devoted to the brisket cut of beef, and packs in history, culinary advice, cartoons, and of course, winning brisket dishes.
In Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and the South of Brazil a churrasco refers to any boneless cut of beef sliced thin as a steak and grilled over hot coals or on a very hot skillet.
to introduce the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut of beef to consumers.
Just imagine all the succulent juices from a prime cut of beef, gently roasted to perfection and then captured in a ready to serve gravy.
"If you get a nice lean cut of beef you're not going to be piling on the pounds - unless you eat it every day, which I wouldn't recommend."
Sounds like you'd have to hunt for hours to find a cut of beef that isn't lean.
A cut of beef that I don't see that often is the New York cut.
Then Germany permitted an actual cut of beef to be shown in Cologne - so long as measures were taken to ensure that it didn't reach a single German consumer.
A Benton woman was left scratching her head by her online ASDA shop when labels showed two different use by dates on a cut of beef.
"Nevertheless, we were surprised to find that the texture and flavour of the steak is excellent, and at PS10 per serving it is a really accessible cut of beef which is particularly good when seared on our wood-burning grill."
Some connoisseurs think it is sacrilege to order a fillet or any cut of beef well-done but I have quite often done this without having to get a chainsaw out