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For a long season of flowers, cut back some stems harder than others.
The firm said that it has cut back its mortgage and car loans because of mounting consumer debt.
As soon as the flowers are over, cut back all the stems carrying dead flowers.
A third cut back on limousines for the immediate family, while about a quarter scaled back catering arrangements and a fifth cut back on flowers.
Aberdeen City Council's countryside rangers have appealing for helpers to cut back the invasive shrub on Elrick Hill.
Of those cutting back, almost half (44%) planned to reduce the amount of energy they use, a third (34%) would cut back on seeing friends and family, holidays and goods such as clothes and music, and one in seven of all consumers (13%) planned to cut back on food, with about one in six of the poorest consumers (17%) having to cut back on eating to afford their heating.
CONSUMERS are bracing themselves for a less than merry Christmas as reduced disposable income is forcing them to cut back on spending, according to a new survey.
Dubai Global recession has forced residents to cut back their spending, but they still live relatively good lives in the UAE, Gulf News readers say.
But in at least the last two years, the results show that the majority of Americans consistently view themselves as making an effort to cut back on spending, which in turn underscores the idea that most Americans are looking for ways to save money.
Nearly half of children think their parents should cut back on toys and days out because of the recession, research suggests today.
Millions of people have also cut down on dry cleaning, cut back or canceled cable television service, stopped buying their morning coffee at a coffee shop, changed or canceled their cell phone service, increased usage of carpooling or mass transit, and canceled their telephone land line service, according to the Internet-based market research firm's poll.
Cut back the top at whatever height you want down to eight feet, and thin out branches from the middle of the tree so sunlight can filter through.
But there's one area they should not cut back on - the armed services.
After years of free and easy credit, many are now treading carefully as banks cut back on lending and the threat of unemployment grows.
Nearly half of us plan to cut back on saving money and one in four will default on debts in a bid to make ends meet, a survey showed today.