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Hull City Council has made it clear Sharon Kassin, 58, will receive at [pounds sterling]400 bill if she refuses to cut back the ivy growing outside her home onto the pavement.
"The stark reality is that hundreds of thousands of people with asthma are faced with an impossible choice - cut back on essentials like food and bills or cut back on the medication that could save their life," Dr Walker said.
And 21% said they also had to cut back on essential bills to fund their treatment.
If they are summer fruiting, after you harvest them, cut back the canes that fruited and leave the rest alone.
Age UK said more than 40% of people over 75 would not be able to afford the licence or would have to cut back on essentials to pay for it, based on the results of its research.
Plants that reseed with abandon should also be cut back before they scatter their seeds across the garden.
For a long season of flowers, cut back some stems harder than others.
The firm said that it has cut back its mortgage and car loans because of mounting consumer debt.
Millennial and Generation X respondents reported their desire to save more money at a slightly higher rate than older groups, with 48 percent of millennials and 31 percent of Gen Xers choosing a preference for saving as their top reason to cut back, compared to 30 percent generally. The Bankrate study had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points. 
- Lilian Gerrard, North Wales Carol: With any of the hortensia hydrangeas, mopheads or lacecaps, wait till spring then cut back the flowered stems to the next buds down (old flowerheads protect infant buds).
But Covrig said Saudi Arabia will cut back by 21 percent, its Persian Gulf neighbors by 23 percent and Russia by a whopping 36 percent.
VOLUNTEERS are being sought to cut back overgrown rhododendron on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
Of those cutting back, almost half (44%) planned to reduce the amount of energy they use, a third (34%) would cut back on seeing friends and family, holidays and goods such as clothes and music, and one in seven of all consumers (13%) planned to cut back on food, with about one in six of the poorest consumers (17%) having to cut back on eating to afford their heating.
CONSUMERS are bracing themselves for a less than merry Christmas as reduced disposable income is forcing them to cut back on spending, according to a new survey.
Dubai Global recession has forced residents to cut back their spending, but they still live relatively good lives in the UAE, Gulf News readers say.