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make to specifications

make according to requirements

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Customize browser installer with your own agreements, logo and images.
"Micro Merchant enables us to customize marketing materials and deliver a consistent message to our members at a much lower cost," said Michael G.
* Look at faculty credentials and their willingness to customize programs to the company's industry.
If you're a Harley bike owner with a Softail to customize, look no further for instruction than HOW TO HOP-UP AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR HARLEY-DAVIDSON SOFTAIL: it teaches how to install budget kits, add tires, lower the bike, and more advanced ideas as well, including interviews with pros and step-by-step color photos and charts throughout.
MeP is a configurable processor that allows designers to customize processor configurations, including custom instructions and embedded memory capacity, in about 1 million different combinations.
Self-assessment surveys establish greater control for organizations to customize processes based on unique requirements.
Its new Training Assurance Program is designed to customize training for injection or blow molding and extrusion.
Members also may download the tools in PDF and Microsoft Word formats at no charge (the MS Word format allows you to customize the tools).
They'll also require the flexibility to customize terms and conditions based on an individual risk underwriting profile appropriate to the client.
This new addition to the popular series for troubleshooting Windows provides a thorough reference to the tools to customize and otherwise file the annoyances found in Windows XP.
Users can customize an electronic version of the tools to meet their specific requirements.
How can you mass customize vehicles in the assembly plant--as in creating limited editions in the 1,000- to 20,000-unit range--without excessive complexity in build?
Knowlagent's non-disruptive training platform delivers training directly to the agent's desktop and can be customized with text, graphics, video and audio content, Managers can customize courses; push them to agents and track individual agent performance.
And that is, here is the nation's single-most mass business, the enterprise predicated on uniformity and reliable consistency -- mediocre though it may be -- and it has decided to customize its menu.
ALTHOUGH you can customize nearly all computer software, few people ever do so.
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