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make to specifications

make according to requirements

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ifrogz iPod protective cases utilize a unique three-part design and come in an infinite number of combinations, allowing consumers to customize the look of their iPods as much as their music and video selections are customized.
To make a totally new, customized toolbar, click on Customize at the bottom of the menu and another menu pops up (exhibit 2, at right), with a New button in the upper right corner.
While flexible technologies and management practices enable firms to further mass customize, it is market turbulence that compels them to do so.
Motorola's On-Target system will deliver a complete local content distribution network, allowing IdeaCast to customize local content and advertising on its national health club network, and will provide the facilities for value-added services.
Whether you're hosting a holiday party at home, a lunch meeting at the office or any special event, Kelly's will customize the delicious food that you, your colleagues and your friends have loved for years.
Consumers can support their favorite teams and customize their NFL Recline or MLB Clubhouse shoes in team and seasonal colors to reflect their personal style.
Bitstream enables customers worldwide to render high-quality text, publish all things variable, browse the Web on wireless devices, select from the largest collection of fonts online, and customize documents over the Internet.
Pageflex smart templates ensure that design integrity and brand identity standards are rigorously maintained, while empowering local users on a brand-controlled publishing portal to customize and localize collateral and campaigns.
I choose what Cisco content is most relevant to our database and I can even customize our own layout, said Craig Perry, marketing coordinator for Netarx, a Cisco Gold Certified Partner.
For each client, these Web applications provide a site where approved users are able to customize corporate approved marketing materials, including advertisements, direct mail, flyers, coupons, and point-of-purchase display builders.
A large, multi-affiliate organization, for example, could customize online donation forms that match the individual brands of its chapters, while a university could customize capital campaigns to match the brands of different schools across campus.
The service will allow cardholders to upload a personal image, customize the look of the card using simple editing tools, and submit a final design for approval.
At the New York City FAO Schwarz, consumers can customize their own Hot Wheels(R) car with special colors, designs, wheels and rims using Planar touchscreen monitors.
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