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a government building where customs are collected and where ships are cleared to enter or leave the country


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Andrew uses CIP House at 36 Customhouse Quay and SAS House as illustrations.
mx NZICA New Level 7, Tower Building, 50 Zealand Customhouse Quay, PO Box 11342, Wellington 6142, New Zealand customer@nzica.
Nowadays, although the customhouse is deserted, the rusty water tower is still standing.
He became obsessed with tariff applications, customhouse collections and the various claims that came in an endless and monotonous array.
English traveler Peter Mundy wrote of a wheel he saw in the Balkans in 1620: "Like a Craine wheel at Customhouse Key and turned in that manner, whereon children sit on little seats hung round about in several parts thereof, and though it turned right up and down, and that the children are sometimes on the upper part of the wheel, and sometimes on the lower, yet they always sit upright.
In the Ottoman period, since the site maintained its position as the maritime corner of Galata at the entrance of the port, the edifice was consequently converted to multiple forms and functions: granary, customhouse, imperial kiosk and mosque.
Also, no article of imported merchandise which copies or simulates a registered trade name or trademark shall be admitted to entry at any customhouse (this covers both domestic and foreign-made articles).
Intended for purchasing managers considering international vendors, this book analyzes the total costs of importing goods into the US and explains the federal requirements for import compliance, the financial benefits of foreign-trade zones, and the importance of hiring a reputable freight forwarder and customhouse broker.
Alba Wheels Up International is one of the premier Customhouse broker, International leading Freight Forwarder and a key Logistics player in the US.
Phone: 907-249-6242 package customhouse brokerage, aircraft
Exceeding expectations, the Nangarhar customhouse has earned 1.
Summary: Algeria and Libya intend to open a joint customhouse at the frontier posts of Dabdab and Ghadames with a view to boosting trade between the two countries
The vessel was legged from Customhouse Quay in Greenock Renfrewshire.
We are also a licensed Customhouse Broker and Ocean Transportation Intermediary/Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (OTI/NVOCC).
At the junction of routes, we turn left down the slope to pass the frontage of Peirsburgh Grange, which has served as a farm, school house, inn and customhouse.