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Synonyms for custom

Synonyms for custom

the commercial transactions of customers with a supplier

made according to the specifications of the buyer

Synonyms for custom

a specific practice of long standing

money collected under a tariff

habitual patronage

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made according to the specifications of an individual


References in classic literature ?
It has often been a matter of regret with me; for, going back, perhaps, to the days of the Protectorate, those papers must have contained many references to forgotten or remembered men, and to antique customs, which would have affected me with the same pleasure as when I used to pick up Indian arrow-heads in the field near the Old Manse.
Unbending the rigid folds of the parchment cover, I found it to be a commission, under the hand and seal of Governor Shirley, in favour of one Jonathan Pine, as Surveyor of His Majesty's Customs for the Port of Salem, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay.
I had ceased to be a writer of tolerably poor tales and essays, and had become a tolerably good Surveyor of the Customs.
All this, it seemed, had been the property of the two chieftains I had slain, and now, by the customs of the Tharks, it had become mine.
For there are no such bigoted holders by established forms and customs, be they never so foolish or meaningless, as English school-boys--at least, as the school-boys of our generation.
The Custom House stood at a little distance down King Street, nearly where the Suffolk Bank now stands, and a sentinel was continually pacing before its front.
Its language hath it devised for itself in laws and customs.
8220;In addition to the many new custom boxes we've added, ThePaperWorker now offers a Create Your Own Size Custom Box option as well as oversize custom box options made possible by our brand-new, state-of-the-art flatbed digital UV press capable of printing sheets up to 77 inches,” says Todd Anson, President of The Colad Group & ThePaperWorker.
Specializes in standard and custom pigment dispersions for pultrusion, SMC, BMC, RTM, and spray-up/hand lay-up.
With Emard donating the 2005 Harley-Davidson Softail and MGS designing the fenders, the fuel tank and the seat, the result was a prototype that spawned custom parts both businesses will be offering to their customers.
By using Custom Views (View, Custom Views)# you can create many custom snapshots and also temporarily customize a section of a spreadsheet, give that view a name, show or print it and then return the format to its original state.
It has begun The Magnum Opus Awards program, which is dedicated to honoring custom publishing excellence.
A custom calendering company can work with your designers to produce one seal material that is flameproof, weather resistant and holds its seal at high pressures.
Our SoCMosaic custom chip HW/SW co-development strategy builds on our SoCMosaic custom chip fast, time-to-market approach for IP-rich custom SoCs.
Specializes in custom color concentrates and dry color for thermoplastics.