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sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen

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I'm a fan of New York cheesecake, which should be creamy and dense, not custardy.
The producers on wanted lots of smoke but put too much nitrogen in, so it bubbled over and left this custardy pool on the floor.
Eggs were popular, from scrambled to custardy to hefty, when mixed with ham and cheese in a breakfast burrito.
Brains have a very soft, like whipped cream, kind of custardy texture.
Although fairly full we all had just enough room left for dessert and this really was the highlight of the meal for me as I had bread and butter pudding which was eggy, creamy, custardy and simply perfect.
Online video's coming from other nations as well: No matter what you think of pie-throwing as a form of protest, a European group's recent custardy bombardment of Belgium's antigay Catholic archbishop made for mesmerizing viewing.
The bread and butter pudding, almost custardy, is the epitome of comfort food and a definite must-have.
They both watched the cat scratches it made, brown on top, custardy yellow beneath.
Cranberries can be featured in the standard table sauce or could be part of the custardy dessert, in a clafoutis.
I'm not normally a cream liqueur fan but was impressed initially by the attractive custardy colour.
These big, darker beers are also great with dessert, especially chocolate cake, rich custardy desserts and ice cream.
For dessert J ordered profiteroles, feather-light choux pastry with a custardy center smothered in creamy chocolate, and loved them.