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sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen

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"He must have been a great loss to this country," said Dorothy, who was by this time eating her custard pie.
Well, she says I have Lancelot whipped to a custard. What do you make of that?
But Maggie, as she stood crying before the glass, felt it impossible that she should go down to dinner and endure the severe eyes and severe words of her aunts, while Tom and Lucy, and Martha, who waited at table, and perhaps her father and her uncles, would laugh at her; for if Tom had laughed at her, of course every one else would; and if she had only let her hair alone, she could have sat with Tom and Lucy, and had the apricot pudding and the custard! What could she do but sob?
Good news for people watching their budgets: Shake Shack's burgers, fries, hot dogs and frozen custards are less expensive than those sold at branches in the US, Hong Kong or Singapore.
Shake Shack has launched its new frozen custards blended with New York cheesecake.
When the custards are cool, spread the jam over them.
* Explain how egg proteins become set, coagulate, and thicken custards.
Also free from artificial thickening agents which are present in most other lower fat custards. 5/5 HEALTHIEST
Custards date back to ancient Greece, and they once were thought to be suitable only for women and children.
You will also need a deep roasting tin which can act as a bain marie as the custards need to be cooked surrounded by hot water.
When heat bonds eggs and milk to make custards (stirred or baked) such as flan, creme brulee or quiche, the resulting liaison can be a smooth as velvet.
Two more marketers have joined the frozen custard bandwagon: General Mills has launched a new line of frozen custards under its Colombo brand; and Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Stores has introduced both a frozen custard and a frozen custard style frozen yogurt.
INSPIRED BY JAPANESE AND Chinese egg classics, these delicate, savory seafood custards start a meal lightly and elegantly.
We give choices of custards made individuallyor by fours.