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Synonyms for cussed

stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

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"Now the cussed thing's ready, Sawbones, and you'll just out with another five, or here she stays."
We Brits are seen as a cussed people, from across the Channel, especially in Brussels.
Hamre said the reports were mere 'mischaracterization by the press' so that every time Duterte meets with US officials, he would be referred to always 'as the President who cussed the President of the United States of America.'
Dad whacked me with it and cussed. I ran off and wouldn't come back when we got to the fish camp.
I had a guy I never saw before come in the store this morning, and all he said was, "What do you charge for transfer?" I told him $70 and he cussed at me and left.