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a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)


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A sink or cuspidor, stools and chairs, an accurate grinder, a scale, and a stove round out the essentials.
If so, we can only speculate that it was promptly booted out the first time it missed the cuspidor.
Equipment package will typically comprise of the following: Dental patient chairs Instrument delivery systems Cuspidor Suction motors Manifords Chair mounted dental lights Dental stool Ultrasonic scalers (specifically cavitron 30k)
Advertising cuspidor, brass, saloon style, Goldfield Hotel, Nevada: $275.
It is humor that rings true because Tim has been there, and he renders the scene in every gritty detail of steely men, steaming kettles and suffering 16 years olds in a way that those few of us who survived those days can relate to now, though there were only a few of us who saw the humor in an overfilled 25 inch cuspidor back then.
But even I don't know that for the next four hours I will be using my necktie for a cuspidor.
Lauded by historian Olivier Zunz as being "a model of domestic cleanliness," Met Life's headquarters in midtown Manhattan were a far cry from the sooty, cramped offices of the 19th century: smoking was forbidden, as were the cuspidors of the traditional all-male offices of old.
On the other hand, the dental equipment segment is composed of large equipments like autoclaves, sterilizers, chairs, communication systems, compressors, cuspidors and digital imaging system.
ing performance, as she beden of molars, cuspidors and is as unlikely, and wonderful, And of co woodworm fa gether with th the "valleys" urse, there is the voracious amily, the Cuprinols who, toheir numerous offspring from ", are eyeing the wooden cuckoo.