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having cusps or points

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Porti, Higher-dimensional Reidemeister torsion invariants for cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds, J.
It is 100 [micro]m wide at its base, tapers to 36-40 [micro]m at the apex which has a slightly cusped edge.
Identification of the principle characteristics of different architectural elements such as forms, motifs, ornamentations, materials and functions of the colonial buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh -Onion Shaped (bulbous) domes, Overhanging Eaves, Pointed Arches, Cusped Arches, Vaulted Roofs, Domed Kiosks, Many miniature Domes or Domed Chhatries, Tower or Minarets, Harem Windows, Open Pavilions, Pierced Open Arcading [4].
Among the most impressive is a panel with a recessed cusped arch, covered in flowers, probably originating from a Mughal palace or haveli (large house) in Rajasthan, and dating to c.
The dalan with its varusi-like feature, comprising an open wooden arcade with delicate wooden cusped arches, imparts a sense of light and openness to the pokher.
It is possible that these differences in diet are justified by the type of mouth and the shape of the teeth described by Roberts (5) for the two morphotypes, which provides differences for access to food resources, as the fish with a straight mouth with cusped teeth are able to access the resource by foraging filamentous algae nibbled above the substrate, occasionally ingesting in this process insects and other vegetal material, while fish with a crescent-shaped mouth make it by scrapping, as they obtain algae close to the substrate using their spoon-shaped smooth teeth.
In addition to its classical inspiration, the style also fuses Elizabethan and Jacobean elements and is characterised by its use of cusped Tudor arches, steep roof gables and carved brick detailing and this theme resonates throughout the entire property.
Due to the absence of well-preserved tooth bases, we consider that the presence of double or single cusped teeth cannot be assessed in B.
It does not look to the Gothic vault for its antecedence, but rather seeks a way of resolving the tiered pointed arches and cusped work of the canopy sheltering the pair of reclining figures below.
Further Islamic details include pointed and cusped arches, stripes in the coursed ashlar and the voussoirs, patterned panels, and wooden doors with cufic inscriptions.