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Synonyms for cushiony

softened by the addition of cushions or padding

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Now on its 20th edition, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is lightweight, cushiony and available in many colors.
Plainspoken yet poetic and passionate, Deschanel cushiony coos, "If you can't sleep, I'll be there in your dreams." That's all fine and dandy but what are we suppose to do when we wake up and can't stop thinking about her?
The mix of textures was good with the cushiony scallops offset by the slightly crunchy salad, but the insipid flavour of the seafood could not hold its own against the interesting tangle of fragrant coriander, zesty lime and punchy star anise in the salad.
The cushiony ankle strap is elastic, fully adjustable via a huge swath of Velcro.
Save for the modern yellow Hydra Enif chair by Poltrona Frau (an item Juana had admired when she spotted it during her first job for another magazine years ago), the cushiony gray sofas, ottoman, and black-and-blue chaise lounge from French company Roche Bobois, as well as the lean, linear dining set from Molteni and C and metal Chinese chairs from Caligaris do not distract the eye from admiring a room teeming with bold art.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs gets their collective Le Freak on the '70s disco throwback "Dragon Queen." With a demure, Deborah Harry falsetto, O embodies complete dance divatude as she seductively purrs, "knock my body out." Acoustic guitars and churchlike keyboards form a cushiony cloud for O's fragile vocals on the album's closer, "Little Shadows." Crying into the night for darkness to follow her home, O gives us another reason to follow her anywhere she goes, whether the place she takes us is shrouded in shadows or basking in the sun.
In color cosmetics, it provides a more substantive hydrophobic film to improve transfer resistance and to add a cushiony feel to powder formulations.
Sleepyhead Simpson sings the praises of snoozing late and watching TV in bed with her boyfriend on the trivial and trite "You're My Sunday." Accompanied by a soft and cushiony mix of acoustic guitars, mandolin and keyboards, Simpson purrs, "You have a way of taking the noise and drowning it out," which, I believe, has to be a prerequisite to be her boyfriend.
Through caressing whispers and tortured lyrics, Grohl tenderly aches and quakes alongside softly plucked acoustic guitar on "Let It Die." At the midway point, the song momentarily has a welcome burst of choppy electric guitar chords and crashing drum beats but quickly retreats to its cascading, cushiony confines.
Giving his larynx a rest, Varkatzas shows his vulnerability and flexibility as a singer, while his fellow band mates take it down a notch with mournful slide guitar, tender acoustic flourishes and cushiony background vocals.
Prince dims all the lights and lowers the decibels on the R&B smoocher "Somewhere Here on Earth." Here, Prince rolls on a bed of cushiony orchestration of sparkling piano notes and smoldering horns as he refuses to allow intimacy to be replaced by the Internet and text messages.
With cushiony orchestration interspersed with sparkling guitar notes, the song builds gradually in its intensity and seductive charm.
In the sunlit cottage, flowers and cushiony chairs dismiss any hint of the clinical; floor-to-ceiling windows bring in the vibrant colors of the gardens.
With its cushiony vocals, twangy acoustic guitars and world-weary lyrics of heartache and disappointment, the album's closer "She's Waiting," will undoubtedly appeal to the coffeehouse crowd.
Accompanied by swirl-ing organ chords and mournful slide guitar, Jones' tender voice creates a warm, cushiony bath to sooth the most tired, tortured, troubled soul.