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a glandular disorder caused by excessive cortisol

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The diagnosis of CNSET should be established on morphology and IHC, especially when the patient is a young woman with an abdominal palpable mass, a history of oral contraceptive consumption and Cushingoid symptoms or a history of Beckwith-Weideman syndrome.
Physical signs of AI can include Cushingoid appearance: thinning skin, striae, obesity, muscle wasting, and psychiatric disturbance, all of which may indicate prior chronic iatrogenic steroid exposure.
A typical cushingoid body habitus is reached by adipose tissue deposition that characteristically results in moon facies, a buffalo hump, and truncal obesity.
Physically, she exhibited cushingoid appearance and complained of excessive weight gain and hair growth on the body.
Physical examination revealed temperature of 37.6 [degrees]C, pulse 138/min, blood pressure 86/40 mmHg, body weight 45 kg, and height of 155 cm, as well as Cushingoid face features and hepatomegaly.
[14] Children with SAM who were admitted with one or a combination of clinical features such as coma, hypoglycaemia, hypothermia and bradycardia, had the worst survival probability compared with those who had other less SAM-related manifestations, such as herbal intoxication, Cushingoid facies, etc.
Typical therapies for DMD include corticosteroid treatments that can delay a wheelchair-bound state; however, caution is needed for adverse effects that include behavioral changes, fractures, cataracts, weight gain, and cushingoid appearance [23].
Nine (35%) patients developed side effects whilst on treatment; seven (27%) gained weight, four (15%) developed Cushingoid features and three (11%) developed steroid-induced diabetes.
Physical: under-nutrition, boils, scabs, parotid swelling, Cushingoid face, spider naevi, palmar erythema, the smell of alcohol on the breath, red eyes, jaundice sclera, presence of alcohol-related illness, reported alcohol intake of 60/80gms or more per day on a regular basis (smaller amounts if taken with other CNS depressants or if elderly, previous history of withdrawal.)
His physical examination was unremarkable, and no cushingoid features, petechiae, or abdominal striae were detected.
This is an important finding, as steroid toxicity is common and often leads to significant comorbidity such as Cushingoid features, weight gain, mood disorders, glucose intolerance, osteoporosis, and increased susceptibility to infection and cardiovascular disease.
In another case, an 11-year-old boy with iridocyclitis developed a cushingoid habitus and acanthosis nigricans after he was treated with prednisolone acetate 1% eye drops every 2 hours for 6 months (18).
Methods: The descriptive study was conducted at the Children's Hospital, Lahore, from April to September 2013, and comprised patients presenting with cushingoid features and history of using nappy rash ointments.
The Cushingoid side effects of steroids may be distressing for patients, so provide anticipatory guidance to help the patient cope with a changing body image (Neyhart, Colaneri, & Carlsen, in press).
Other common side effects include cushingoid appearance, hirsutism, acne, behavioral changes consisting of irritability and hyperactivity, osteonecrosis, and hypertension.