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woolly-haired monkey-like arboreal marsupial of New Guinea and northern Australia

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The giant animals including giant kangaroos, rhino like marsupials called diprotodons soon disappeared, probably killed off by the hunters, and the remaining animals such as tree kangaroos and cuscus were of no value as domestic animals (Diamond, 1998, p.
It includes threatened and endangered species such as the spotted cuscus and green tree python.
Julie Scardina, Animal Ambassador for SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove, helped Sergeant's and NWF celebrate the launch of the Protected Wildlife Animal Series dog toys by bringing a variety of exotic animals to the press conference, including Humboldt penguins, American alligators, a hyacinth macaw, a scarlet ibis and a cuscus.
The exception is the marsupial cuscus Phalanger orientalis which first appears in the fauna assemblages about 9000 years ago (O'Connor 2006).
Wacky Fact: The marsupial cuscus spends so much time sitting, even while eating and sleeping, that fur on the backside is sometimes worn into a bald spot.
Public Invited to Meet Some of SeaWorld's Most Fascinating Animals Including Penguins, Alligators and Cuscus