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Synonyms for curving

having bends, curves, or angles

Synonyms for curving

having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend


References in classic literature ?
She looked at him with curving lips; and even he, who had watched her often, could not tell whether that curve was of scorn or mirth.
It is a single round tower, the wall curving in slightly, and then turning outward again in the form of a dice-box, so that the defenders on the top might the better protect the base.
Or in some narrow pathway, glancing with a transitory daring into the eyes of some lithe, white-swathed female figure, I would suddenly see (with a spasmodic revulsion) that she had slit-like pupils, or glancing down note the curving nail with which she held her shapeless wrap about her.
Presently it resumed its march again, curving among the tree trunks.
Their curving front bristled with flashes and the place resounded with the clangor of their ramrods.