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  • adj

Synonyms for curvy

having a full, voluptuous figure

Synonyms for curvy

having curves


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(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

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In less than a year, the United Arab Emirates has topped off some of the curviest and tallest structures on the planet.
KIMBERLEY WALSH, 28 2007 2008 2002 2004 2010 SHE'S the curviest member of Girls Aloud, a fact that Kimberley sometimes feels a little self-conscious about.
In October 2004, the city installed a high-friction, epoxy-resin overlay similar to that used in Florida on the steepest and curviest section of Forest Drive just before the intersection.
SOPHIE Dahl, 30, once hailed as one of the curviest models around (she was actually a size 14 - considered large by catwalk standards) but slimmed down a couple of years ago.
"Out of the three girls, at 5ft 4ins tall I'm the shortest and curviest and I was worried that I might not look as good as the other girls.
Both Faith and Ravel stock boots in a range of styles and colours with the stretchy synthetic material which should fit people with the curviest of lower legs.
Then wind your way down Vermont, which is one of the city's steepest and curviest streets.
Perched on the curviest street in the world, with views of Telegraph Hill and East Bay, 1055 Lombard Street couldn't miss.
"Christina has got sick of all the talk of her being the curviest woman in Hollywood.
The reasonably priced collection includes stunning dresses, chic separates, elegant trouser and top combinations in sizes 14 to 32, and are designed to make even the curviest of brides feel fabulous on their big day - and all for around the pounds 100 to pounds 150 mark.
She's one of the curviest Hollywood stars, so it almost seems unfair to suspect Scarlett could be pregnant.
GORGEOUS Brianna Connaughton was on top of the world yesterday after being crowned Ireland's curviest beauty.