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Synonyms for curvet

a light leap by a horse in which both hind legs leave the ground before the forelegs come down


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perform a leap where both hind legs come off the ground, of a horse

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Switzer and Curvet facilitated the raising and Elise, Michael and a slew of their friends provided labor.
Duke prances like a bear on his hind legs, forcing May Lundstrom to curvet with him.
From one minute to 30 seconds, "you're on an exponential curvet," and you probably gain nothing measurable in satisfaction.
In the stir and rouse of Paolo Uccello's Stag Hunt gaudy mannikins, mostly in open-mouthed profile, curvet after their twisting hounds into a dark, watery forest, arched by its foremost trees into three vistas of green shadow.
Ventral spermatheca: long and thin duct with almost the same length as the dorsal one, bearing a curveted and elongated apical diverticulum, sometimes less extensive.
The world plunges, Shies, snorts, and curvets like a horse in danger.
The bragging behavior of the subject involved in and of itself already resembles that of a horse: [T]he dear lady [...] whinnies with her eyes, she dilates her nostrils, she wiggles her crupper, she curvets, she suddenly goes into a short dog-trot--And then I stand with my arms folded, following her complacently with my eyes, and considering whether she should be ridden on a bit or a snaffle, whether I should give her an English or a Polish saddle--and so forth--.
The man's acrobatic skill was impressive, and as he leaped and curveted around his pretty red-headed mistress, the laughs were solid.
The images of the "circus-poster horses curveted / in trees of heaven," and the elders who "would sit on broken steps," locate this poem on the front or street-side of the houses.
// Now you will see them dance in curvets, now retreat, approach, advance, separate, withdraw, close ranks, reform with a narrow point, now with a broader one, imitating war in a semblance of peace, crossed and interlaced from the side and from an angle, now in a circle and now in a square, as in a labyrinth, whose wandering path confuses our steps in its various paths.