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The curved shape has a more contemporary design than the original version, with a column-free extension of the 1st floor, which thus appears as a 'floating' floor to the east and north.
After sectioning the radial model, several points were fitted into each section, and then we calculated the equation for measuring a circle using the least-squares method using the fitted points, which expresses the curved shape of each section.
Film based sensors would be the ideal choice as they can easily be laminated onto a curved shape, as long as the curvature is cylindrical (in one direction) and not spherical (in two directions).
Manish Bakshi, managing director of BenQ Middle East and Turkey, said that the curved shape display is designed to completely consume players' field of vision.
This postwar plastic was more durable than either paper or silk, and the simple curved shape Nelson devised became instantly popular.
It features an ergonometric curved shape and is initially available in three sizes: 4.62 x 3.11 x 0.98 in.
The back and sides are metal, with a slightly curved shape to the back that feels comfortable in the hand.
With regard to the landmine, this landed in the grave spaces about 20 metres from the cathedral, and to this day, if one looks closely, the curved shape of the crater can be clearly seen.
The M8's curved shape has been shaved into a slightly more grippable, angular form, but on first glance you'd barely notice the difference.
The curved shape designed to fit hip or pocket for right-handed shooters is a major selling point.
The pad has a cuticle edge curved shape that is appropriate for a nail on the nail area of the affected digit.
Samsung claims that the curved shape provides the best viewing experience as the human eye is also curved.
The three-in-one brush using 1K technology impresses with its curved shape and two innovative sides: One intensifies and creates a perfect sweep on even the shortest lashes while the second precisely separates and creates clearly defined lashes.
Footbridges have been featured at the pond since 1877, usually in the classic curved shape, but there was a flat bridge in place from 1940 to 1970.
The new UHD TV models deliver unrivaled picture quality due to the combination of UHD TV's great details and curved shape providing a more immersive experience and enhanced sense of presence, said a company statement.