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Synonyms for curved

Synonyms for curved

deviating from a straight line

having bends, curves, or angles

Synonyms for curved

having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend



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Andrews described the six characteristics of normal occlusion and found that the curve of Spee in subjects with good occlusion ranged from flat to mildly curved, noting that the best intercuspation occurred when the occlusal plane was relatively flat.
Moreover, adding a curved frame potentially makes matters worse.
Samsung's curved UHD TV's ultra-thin bezel and curved aluminium stand are also designed with minimalism in mind, reducing visual interference with the picture and providing the illusion of a soft, floating screen, the company said.
President of Samsung UK and Ireland Andy Griffiths said, "Curved makes even more sense because with that high-resolution image then whether it's sport or film these TVs really will be the way to get the best out of that fantastic content," in a ( report from The Independent.
Then use the curved edge to connect the points (3).
(2) A second-order polynomial curve is then fitted to the data and a second ANOVA carried out to obtain the SS of deviations from the curved regression.
"The corners are like curved curbs" on both the outside and inside, explained Concrete Alliance, Inc.
The subjects chosen for this study consisted of 20 college-aged female and 16 college-aged male sprinters who could sprint the 100-meter dash in less than 14 seconds and who had experience sprinting the curved portion of the track.
In such a universe, certain idealized machines, such as one made of balls attached to long, adjustable struts, can propel themselves through curved space-time by shifting the relative positions of their parts, suggests Jack Wisdom of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the March 21 Science.
In cases where measurements must be made on small, awkward or curved production samples, the test methods and sample dimensions may be highly significant and it is important to know the limitations of each test method.
To the south, the curved white wall which greeted you at the entrance rises to enclose a big meeting room which overlooks the metaphorical Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland.
* Nonstructural (functional) scoliosis: A structurally normal spine that appears curved. This is a temporary, changing curve.
With up curved belt conveyors in the baggage handling systems of major airports there is no doubt that these unsung components are a critical element of any system.
"Roll tests" compared the surface contact area of curved molded parts and a matching piece of curved metal.