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Synonyms for curved

Synonyms for curved

deviating from a straight line

having bends, curves, or angles

Synonyms for curved

having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend



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Moreover, adding a curved frame potentially makes matters worse.
Browse Curved Television Market Report with Full TOC at http://www.
According to CNET, who conducted a 14-day experiment with Samsung's new curved TV, the experience of watching on a curved TV felt the same as watching on a flat one.
Then use the curved edge to connect the points (3).
Northside's biggest challenge was forming the curved edges, none of which were identical in this free-form-designed, 40,000 s/f building.
They were asked to sprint at maximal speed for 100 meters, beginning on the curved portion of the track, and their times were recorded with an Accutrack timing system.
In cases where measurements must be made on small, awkward or curved production samples, the test methods and sample dimensions may be highly significant and it is important to know the limitations of each test method.
To the south, the curved white wall which greeted you at the entrance rises to enclose a big meeting room which overlooks the metaphorical Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland.
Nonstructural (functional) scoliosis: A structurally normal spine that appears curved.
Roll tests" compared the surface contact area of curved molded parts and a matching piece of curved metal.
Types of wheels include standard, curved vane, canted vane and direct drive wheels.
Krause replaced a flat, nonbearing wall with a curved one that begins in the dining room and swoops through the rest of its arc in the kitchen.
Compared to planar arrays, conformal antennas, which are designed to mold to curved and irregularly shaped surfaces, introduce a new set of problems and challenges.
Samsung Electronics, the global leader in the TV industry, kicked off IFA 2014 by unveiling its expanded line-up of Curved TVs and audio products that will create a complete curved solution for the ultimate at home immersive entertainment experience.