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a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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Then comes the curveball, the pitch that makes you swing when you shouldn't.
Another interesting disclosure was that, despite the vital need to get straight all the facts about Curveball's testimony -- given the stakes involved in launching a pre-emptive strike against another sovereign state -- the Americans never bothered to interview Curveball themselves.
Initially thinking that someone or something is at fault for the curveball will generate destructive feelings.
Transferred to the curveball category, K-Rod would have ranked second behind the Mariners' Erik Bedard (.
With Auburn already leading, 2-1, in the third inning, catcher Pat Germain took a 1-1 curveball and deposited it onto the berm over the right-center field fence to put Auburn up, 3-1.
What are the main differences between a curveball and a fastball?
When visible, these features can be seen on the face of the slider, from the side of the overhand curveball, or from above the sidearm curve.
The boyishly amiable animator threw a curveball that almost knocked me off my chair on the Pavilion's deck when he smiled and said, "I want to go from The Care Bears to snuff films.
By following these guidelines, you'll hit any curveball question right out of the park.
Glenn was in California and threw this curveball, but a couple of weeks later I came to New York and we had a long discussion, and I realized this was a serious idea," Garrels says.
It has been known for several years that the source called Curveball was totally unreliable," the Guardian quoted Powell, as saying.
This nonsense claimed by Curveball traversed tensions between partner intelligence agencies and internecine battles within the CIA to provide a pretext for the invasion.
Halliday had his sharp breaking curveball working early and often en route to a compete-game five-hitter with nine strikeouts as Auburn remained undefeated in the tournament with a 2-0 victory over Johnston, R.
Last year, Santana's slider had a tendency to break more like a curveball.