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in a curvaceous way


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Styled in an aggressive Bauhausian oval, the TT Roadster long has excited design aficionados, from its low-hanging front grille to the curvaceously clipped rear end.
Until Herr Lentze's banana straightening facility is up and running, we can content ourselves with the fruit that was curvaceously domesticated some four thousand years ago in New Guinea.
On the top floor, the dragon is in the air, with writhing translucent light-filled ceilings and walls curvaceously sculpted to make benches, cupboards and seats.
ONE minute they're curvaceously fuller figured, the next they're so skeletal they could be mistaken for a famine victim.
The carbon fiber scales have been curvaceously cutout to both accent the handle and enhance the grip.
In his debut Giselle with Paloma Herrera, the Act II dancing was so curvaceously wrought, so insular, it seemed they were alone in a bower in a bubble.
With her women (Stacy Caddell, Melinda DeChiazza, and Shawn Stevens) on pointe and her men (Petter Jacobsson, Shawn Mahoney, David Porter, and John Selya) in gallant yet personal supporting roles, Tharp fashioned a beguiling overture for two couples and one trio, each coursing curvaceously through simple stage crossovers.
Taking inspiration from the art deco era and Halle's own memories of a beloved object d'art, the flacon is curvaceously shaped like a four-sided teardrop, with ridges that make it beautifully tactile.
The fat end of the triangle is colonised by a gyratory system open to the elements, in effect a diagram of comfortable circular movement for the coaches, An inner structure, extruded curvaceously from the more solid apex, shades the loading berths into and out of which the larger vehicles slide and reverse with ease.