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Synonyms for curtness

an abrupt discourteous manner

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From the curtness of the her response, it would seem that having another baby is a long way from Kourtney's plan for the coming months.
Curtness and terseness are [...] the prime characteristics of Bofkovec's music, full of pulsing power and elementarity.
Still, the spur-of-the-moment curtness and snark that occasionally befalls even the most thoughtful emailers is completely absent.
However, Nardo concludes that while Atreides may capture the curtness, he doesn't capture the meaning as effectively.
This iconic phrase has become a popular cultural reference and its curtness speaks to the attitude toward African American women in film [and otherwise], who are belittled in insignificant or supporting roles, portrayed exhibiting negative, hypersexualized behaviors, and silenced from the dominant dialogic exchange.
Piecing Brawne's character together without the benefit of her letters, which did not survive, the filmmaker paints her as capable of unnecessary curtness, excessive pride and overreactions.
Compton is his wife's confidante, and he infers from the curtness of her acknowledgment as they first board the train that she is aware of the outcome of his most recent quarrel with Louise: in response to a minor lapse on his wife's part, Blake circled the date two weeks hence on the calendar hanging in the kitchen and told her that he would not utter a word to her until that time.
Unlike in old-fashioned letters, there's none of the long-winded elegance of writing - just a curtness.
But there is a hint of menace to the curtness, a subtle warning to keep things moving.
This popularity, combined with a certain curtness in his management style, has not won universal acclaim in the small world that is the Vatican.
Its polite curtness instantly shattered my bubble of hotel loveliness - little round soaps, a fridge full of soft drinks, and those cute mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner - poof, all gone in one fell swoop.
The curtness of Gus Poyet's postmatch briefing told its own depressing story.
issue," as are comments about poor bedside manner and curtness.
He did not witness the abuse but said he noticed his family's curtness towards his father.
"A concentration camp." Having gone off" to a camp every summer since I was six, I could not imagine how Cantor Edelstein lost his hand at a camp, but the curtness of her explanation--along with my father's pursed lips--conveyed that I should not delve further.