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not provided with curtains



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At the end, a large curtainless window let in a slant of silver moonlight.
Nevertheless, the sight offered by this window is a limited one, restricting Nazneen's field of vision to "the dead grass and broken paving stones" (17) as well as to the figure of the tattoo lady, an old white woman who, like Nazneen, also shares a place by a window, a window which in this case is curtainless.
It is, as he ruefiffly notes, "the London of crowds trudging to work, of cold and rain, of bedsitters with curtainless windows and forty-watt bulbs" (63).
The neighbor's backdoor light, which usually streamed in their curtainless windows, was not on tonight.
The orphanage was a crumbling, curtainless block in a town run by organised crime.
Boasting scenic views as far as the eye can see, the lounge features a stunning cathedral-style ceiling with wooden beams and a huge curtainless window which stretches from the ceiling to the floor - at the highest point it measures around 22ft.
They have been spotted hoping for a glimpse of the 31year-old I'm A Celebrity star through curtainless windows.
2million pounds house hoping for a glimpse of her through curtainless windows.
We were parked in a narrow lane lined with ugly antiseptic looking white boxes with black curtainless windows like gouged eyes.
Philip's, which the company renovated into a midsized space where patrons, usually African-American men and women of a certain age--folks who would be attending church services on Sunday anyway--sat on folding chairs before a small, curtainless stage.
The one curtainless window overlooked a parking lot.
T]he windows were curtainless, and the yellow moonlight, flooded in through the diamond panes, enabled one to see even colours, whilst it softened the wealth of dust which lay over all and disguised in some measure the ravages of time.
We were greeted by the odd sight of Pinter's louchely reclining characters with a frantic stagehand behind them haplessly tugging at the curtain, and it was 15 minutes before the now curtainless performance resumed.
the barbed wire and the curtainless windows of our barracks.
Designer Stephen Brimson Lewis preset the RST's curtainless proscenium stage with an elegant composition of wall and moon.