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without taking pains


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Cursorily, republicanism remains the strongest pivot of the tripod of Nepali newness.
Fourth, women's rights, including their participation in national life, is another significant issue which the Taliban have so far addressed cursorily. The Taliban must have realised by now that they do not live on an island or their view of religion is not the final wisdom to guide the people.
Where in such cases the district authorities cursorily call for an inquiry to be conducted into the matter- the perpetrators have to be swiftly punished.
What he did for all this?" I continued to go through the things in the room cursorily.
It begins with a superb Lascaux horse, deals rather cursorily with Roman paintings, and then moves straight on to Giotto's 'Lamentation', followed by van Eyck's 'Arnolfini Portrait'.
A pathologist who cursorily examined the body found no obvious wounds, but a complete post-mortem examination will be conducted tomorrow.
He has added human travellers (albeit drawn cursorily, as is his manner) to the scenery, which adds an element of narrative to the painting: who are these people who have climbed to the top of Biro Peak, the summit of the Diamond Mountains?
These are taught cursorily in medical school, and most of what we discuss comes from the Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998.
Of all the NRDs the researchers considered, only four - from China, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom - mentioned environmental factors, and even that, almost only cursorily. The researchers hope their "work will provide a standardized baseline for future work to optimize recommended diets further."
The power and majesty of Eastern empires, although not extensively explored in the gallery, are cursorily touched upon.
The author rather cursorily dismisses the argument that Howe's behavior was partially due to his conflicted position as a peace commissioner and commander in chief, which was the explanation advanced by Troyer Steele Anderson [1936] and especially Ira Gruber [1972].
It remains to be seen if these deaths will be covered by the national media and elicit the thoughts and prayers of political leaders or if they will be even cursorily acknowledged on the local evening news.
On the white walls, mud-brown drawings of more trees and mountains, along with an architectural diagram of sorts, cursorily extended the space of the work.
the key points of Kurdish prehistory and culture, to cursorily highlight some of these elements., as an ethnonym, is traditionally applied to an ethnic conglomeration whose various parts reside in the bordering areas of a number of Near Eastern countries.
Gibbs was far from happy, hurling her racket before cursorily shaking Watson's hand, but it was all smiles for the British player.