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Synonyms for cursive

rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper

having successive letter joined together

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We recommend, however, that we do so with reserve and acknowledge that all cannot be encompassed either verbally or cursively. An unsayable aspect of symbols may reside innately in their aesthetic nature.
Indeed, the British attempted to employ academia to cursively influence the norms, perceptions and ideas of a populace: as based on Hobswawn works The Invention of Tradition.
This is the Crittick that (of all the rest) I'de not haue view mee, yet I feare him least, Heer's not a word cursively I have Writ, But hee'l Industriously examine it.
The model allows for cursively streaming inside web-pages due to Flash Player 11's support.
All of these smiths sign their work with either hallmarks or cursively written signatures done with an electric pencil.
Devoted to YOUR THIRST obedient OBEY YOUR THIRST for FOLLOW YOUR THIRST cursively across the body up to and including SUBMIT TO OUR THIRST devours saying translated from the American brand.