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rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper

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As her assistant lifts the limp, wet clothes of each cadaver, Lim takes notes in neat cursive script in a reporter's notebook, recording the sex and describing distinguishing marks.
A map in Russian or Khmer is usually comprehensible to a monolingual Anglophone, even if the actual placenames and publisher details are indecipherable; and unless the map uses a cursive script (I have recently been struggling with cursive nineteenth-century Russian-Cyrillic maps of Manchuria), it is usually relatively easy to determine a Romanisation of any placenames of interest.
The highly burnished towering wall with the fluidity of a languid cursive script, cut into it, manages to achieve buoyancy not associated with monumental works.
I tend to keep these lists in shorthand notebooks, each page spidery with my sprawling cursive script, an expansive tick appearing beside each one when I've managed to achieve that particular goal.
The Gayetons then take the notes from their interviews and lay them over the images in a chalkboard-white, looping cursive script. The scribblings--offered in a chatty voice that never slips into being pedantic--help explain the concepts further.
The carving of the plywood was influenced by memories of my father's wood shop where he made cursive script signs reading 'Hacienda de Armendariz.' But above all else, it is hard not to notice the pervasiveness of the carved-wood look as it is culturally associated with the Southwest immortalized by Hollywood.
Under such circumstances the ambiguity of the cursive script might have even been semiconsciously or subconsciously cultivated as a way of preventing laymen from acquiring scribal skills.
Though the first and introductory chapter is subtitled "The importance of archaeological context for analysis of inscriptions," it actually goes beyond that topic to introduce some basic points regarding the distinction between script and language, lapidary and cursive script, differentiations between various media, and essential features of palaeographic method.
Apart from Bushras work the remaining calligraphies are in cursive script that dates back at least to the first decades of the Muslim era.
The piece is gray, produced by using a low fire glaze and engraved with marks resembling tribal marking and a cursive script. This script is a narrative of Mende girls' stories as told to Musasama years ago.
The wills of the 16th and 17th centuries were written in what is known as 'secretary hand' (the forerunner of cursive script).
Miss Bailey was the headmistress of the infant school and Walter Holmes headmaster of the junior school and he personally taught every child in the school to write cursive script, or as we called it "real writing".
"The cursive script used in some of the letters indicates that it may be the writing of an older person.
Further complicating the task is the fact that artisans who did the engraving used an elaborately cursive script, which can be difficult to read.