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Synonyms for curse

Synonyms for curse

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

something or someone believed to bring bad luck

a cause of suffering or harm

a profane or obscene term

to invoke evil or injury upon

to bring bad luck or evil to

to use profane or obscene language

Synonyms for curse

profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger

an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group

an evil spell

something causing misery or death

Related Words

a severe affliction


Related Words

heap obscenities upon

exclude from a church or a religious community

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I met a very important person, Roger, the owner of Moon Curser, an old record shop at City Island in the Bronx.
But it will allow a player who runs a curser over Zedwick's image during the basic training portion of the game to have a limited conversation with him and be directed to more information about him at the Web site.
In terms of design and use of digital environments, at a certain developmental level a child's fine motor abilities will enable him or her to manipulate a mouse and thus move between computer screens by holding the curser over a point and moving their finger to click that point.
That same evidence attests that he was indeed a professional curser for hire.
New multi-monitor support and flexible cabinet placement allows the user to position their Cabinets against any border of either screen and even offers a "resistance" setting for those Cabinets placed on either side of an adjoining screen, that allows users to specify the amount of force required in order to move the curser through that Cabinet before being able to enter into the adjacent screen.
ALEX McLEISH last night blasted the SFA for their decision to probe curser ow referee Stuart Dougal.
Place their curser where the symbol is to go, then click Insert, Symbol, and select symbol to insert such as [SIGMA], %, or (C), and double-click.
Inside the ring is a button that regulates curser placement.
Click your mouse button while the curser is hovering over the address line and it will turn blue.
with its cross-coupling of subject and object, curser and cursed plays out also on the more familiar ground of "the fate of those banished from clear systems of curse and blessing" (165).
Move your curser to the cell titled, "Smoothing Constant.
Besides the somewhat crude dramatic presentations of Antichrist in the mystery plays we have more seriously theological treatments of the subject in vernacular poems such as Curser Mundi and The Pricke of Conscience, the latter being the most popular English poem of the whole medieval period to judge from its surviving manuscripts, 117 by comparison with 64 for its nearest competitor, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.